The engine is an Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah seven cylinder radial that came from a 1947 Avro Anson ( VS 562 ).  It was a prototype T21 and still airworthy when flown to Llanbedr North Wales in 1968 to become a gate guard.

It stayed there until 2004 when it was dismantled due to 35 plus years of harsh Welsh weather.

IMG_0540 (1)The engine has been stripped and has no internals to save weight.  It has been degreased and bead blasted,  then spray painted in correct BS colours and reassembled.

The entire project has taken some 1,200 man hours, plus time sourcing missing components.  It is mounted on the original airframe mounting ring, with a supporting 10 mm steel base ring and to this the 5 wheels and feet are bolted.

Finally, a mirror has been mounted on the underside to enable viewing of all the rear housing, magnetos, carburettor, generator, fuel pumps and plumbing etc.

The glass table top is 1500 mm in diameter and made from 10 mm toughened glass.  The surface is 800 mm off the floor, making it a comfortable table height.

It is a unique piece of exquisitely engineered, hand finished furniture which has a true function.

Engine two from the same airframe is currently a work in progress and enquiries are invited via the contact page.